Friday, October 17, 2008

I love mail

The other day I came home to find a package waiting for wasn't much of a surprise since my bestie Christina was all excited to tell me that she got me "something." Too bad she has a big mouth and let the cat out of the bag on my journal as a comment hahaha. Anyway she got me these great business cards. The best part is that they are MOO cards. She took a bunch of pictures of some crafts I made and put those as the image on the front of the card. Isn't she great? I looooove them :)

Today I ran errands all over the place! After leaving the voter registration office (yes I'm registered now), I went to this lovely bead shop downtown. I LOVE this place. Beads of Contenment has so many types of beads they give you a little basket to put all your beads but oh my god it's addicting and after a while you tend to lose it and start buying all kinds of stuff! I restrained myself today and this is what I bought. I have a few ideas for some earrings I want to make. Might put them in the shop or gift them for Christmas we'll see...

Do you see the bicycle charm?? That's for a bracelet I'm making Dena for Christmas since she's crazy about biking...I think she's going to love it shhhhh don't tell her! I'm thinking black cord either with knots or a sterling silver clasp.

So this weekend I'm going to focus on jewelry and packing. I'm going to leave the sewing stuff for next week. I have so many projects that it's sometimes overwhelming I need to finish one completely THEN start another, but that's hard cause there so much I want to do!!!!

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