Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I wasn't sure if I needed to write an introduction post cause I wasn't really sure what to say. I'm not very good at talking about myself, I can talk and talk and talk about other stuff but about myself eh...notsomuch.

My name is Sandra most of my friends call me Sandy. Do I have a preference? Not really. I am almost 30...haha ok so I'm going to be 27 this year and I was just quoting my sister...she was on the phone with one of her friends and I guess her friend asked her how old I was well the little brat said "oh she's almost 30" I just about had heart failure when I heard her say that! BUT I guess it's true and you know there's really nothing wrong with that except that I just don't want to grow up yet, that's all.

Well I LOVE LOVE LOVE crafts, all kinds I have what's called crafting A.D.D. I'm usually trying all kinds of different crafts. My new love is sewing. I don't have a sewing machine yet and I say yet because I'm getting one very soon! I also love to cook when I can. I am NOT the greatest cook and I only say this because I really don't cook often. I still go to my parents house for dinner almost every day. Nothing beats my mother's home cooked food. When I have the time and a good recipe I do enjoy the process. I just wish I would do it more often. BUT this might change because I'm going go be joining Weight Watchers and well I'm gonna start buying more groceries and actually use my kitchen. So you will probably see posts about all that stuff. Well did I say I don't like talking about myself??? I guess I do like to go off on random subjects sometimes.

Well now the purpose of this intro is to say why I created this blog. This blog is for all my crafty ideas, pictures, food trial and errors, venting, reviewing and showcasing great blogs and websites out there. So i hope you find something useful or entertaining or whatever!

Hope everyone is having a great middle of the week!

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