Thursday, May 1, 2008

How to Make a freaking Aram Sandwich!

So a few months ago I tried to do some research on how to make an Aram. You know those long rolls that they sell at the grocery store deli. Well I wanted to make my own. So I did what any other good Internet savvy person would do. I googled aram sandwiches and as you may see there are a lot of hits but not really many with pictures and step by step instructions. I NEED pictures. So anyway I decided to make my own tutorial on how to make them in hope that I would help someone like me who would be by any chance looking for a tutorial with pictures :)

INGREDIENTS: (these will vary depending on your preference)

NOTE: I usually do these about 8 hours in advance of when I'm serving them. What I usually do is make them the night before so they refrigerate overnight and serve the next day. They need to chill enough time in the fridge so that the roll stays together.

-Armenian Cracker Bread ( or Lahvosh) you can get this at your local grocery store or deli just ask. I get mine at Savemart for 2 dollars each flat. I usually buy just two.
-1 8oz packet of cream cheese ( you may or may not use the whole packet it just depends on how much you like cream cheese haha)
-deli ham (I've come to realize that this is the best kind of ham for this sandwich cause they are thin enough slices, that you can pile on a few. I specifically like Deli Select Ham)
-Romaine lettuce (chopped, but not too small, I sometimes also use spinach or regular head lettuce)

*as far as quantities of each go, take a look at the pictures and you will realize that it's really up to you on how much of each ingredient you will put on the sandwich.

*click on the picture for a larger view

Step 1: Spread the cream cheese over the flat bread as even and as much as you want with a small spatula.

Step 2: arrange the ham and the lettuce on top of the cream cheese horizontally. I like to put them in the middle. (Again put as much as you want it's really about your preference)

Step 3: start rolling the flat bread away from you making sure it's neatly rolled and a bit snug. I like the rolls to be smaller.

Step 4: once it's all rolled cover it with saram wrap and foil (I like to do both cause it keeps them more together) and refrigerate.

Step 5: cut in small slices and enjoy!

NOTE: These are very easy to make and you can put any ingredients you like. I'm going to try one with avocado, tomatoes and bacon. I usually put some swiss/provolone/cheddar cheese along with the ham. I've also have made a peanut butter and jelly aram that was super good! So as you can see it's really up to you. I guess it's cheesy but the possibilities ARE endless :)


Anonymous said...

I love it!!! We need to make these for a bridal shower Saturday and the directions are awesome!!! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Directions seem good, but did you get ready to use Lavosh or the kind that needs to be rinsed first?

Sandy said...

Thank you :)

I used ready to use Lavosh, I went to the local grocery store deli and got it there, I do dab a little bit of water on it if it's too stiff, which sometimes can happen.

Calflyboy said...

Great recipe.Thank you ! But sometimes I replace the CREAM CHEESE with Spicy HUMMUS and instead of lettuce, I use finely chopped parsley mixed with onions and chopped tomatoes. Lower calories, healthier and amazing flavor.

Sandy said...

@calflyboy That is a great substitution, hadn't thought of that but it sounds delish! Will have to try it I love hummus!

Thanks :)

LadyCakes said...

OMG THANK YOU!!!!! I too was on the search for some freakin pictures to make the roll all nice and was getting SO irritated! You're awesome!!!

Sandy said...

@LADYCAKES you're welcome this is exactly why I made this post cause I knew that when I was on the lookout for a good tutorial with pictures there none! Thanks for the stopping by and leaving a comment :)

Chele by the Sea said...

Great blog post! You are right....not great instructions online but I think your instructions saved the day for me! My parents pcs on arams but no store in my whole COUNTY serves! I'm excited to follow u in creating my own. : )

Sandy said...

Thanks! I'm glad my tutorial will be of help! That is the number one reason I posted it...also I came to realize homemade taste so much better!)

Anonymous said...

Awesome thanks a bunch! Im making these for my daughters first birthday party this weekend!!!

darlene said...

Thinking about doing this for a wedding. How many days in advance would you say I could make this? I'm thinking a day or two and sticking it in the fridge. Do you think that would work without the bread getting soggy?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recipe.and photos! How long can the rolls be refrigerated? Overnight?