Monday, September 7, 2009

iron-on vinyl

Ok so I was a little skeptical and actually a little afraid to use this type of vinyl. I gotta admit that projects like these where you have to iron-on stuff on other stuff is not really my cup of tea, BUT I tried it today. I bought this pretty fabric and I wanted to make a new makeup bag for myself with it. The problem was that the background is white and I knew it was going to get dirty fast. I had bought this iron-on vinyl a long long time ago that I never used, so I decided to just try it. I gotta say it was really easy and I did like the end result. I would definitely use this again for other projects like wallets, placemats, makeup bags, or lunch totes.

I think there's a few things I would do differently. I would put some interface on the lining before sewing it on and also I would use a different zipper, I used a vintage metal zipper and it just was really hard to cut and work with for this particular project.

Can't wait to throw my old ugly falling apart makeup bag and use this one!

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