Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's been a while...

I've been around...just not around blogger and that's just NOT right! haha So yeah I'm back on here. I think I'm gonna try posting 2 to 3 times a week.

Today I went to my favorite place ever. THE FABRIC STORE (or two). My default store to go to is Joann's because it's closer to where I live and they always have sales and great coupons (love those 40% percent off coupons!). They have a decent variety of prints and their prices are reasonable. I also like that they have a variety of linen fabric in different textures and colors...I LOVE linen. Now if we are gonna talk about variety and some amazing fabrics...I will take the trip out to the far side of town and go to Beverly's. They have an amazing variety AMAZING. I seriously would go broke if I went there as much as I go to Joann's. I ususally only go there when I can't find what I want at Joann's or when I have some money to burn :) They are pricier and have less sales and coupons than Joann's but their variety makes up for that. They also are one of the best craft stores because they carry pretty much everything you need for any craft.

When I got home today I took Kosmo my chihuahua out to the back yard and it hit me that our lime tree is HUGE and it has tons of limes. My dad planted that tree a few years ago, he brought it from Mexico. These limes are so yummy, and juicy. I cannot explain how much my family and I use lime in everything...specially on fresh fruit. I think I need some fresh cut watermelon with lime juice and a little bit of salt right about now.

I think my squinty eyed dog would agree.

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