Monday, September 28, 2009

fabric run

So this weekend I had to go to the fabric store (surprise surprise I'm really always looking for excuses to go...) and got a bunch of quarters for the small stuff I'm making for Handborn. I'm in love with the following three fabrics!

Watermelon seeds

old school telephones

spools of thread (this may be my favorite)

So I've been quite busy lately just planning and getting things together for Handborn. I'm still thinking of the display I want it to be a little like last years. I will add a coat rack (I need to borrow or buy one) for the bags. I'm gonna start looking around on the internet, checking out what people use for displays when they show at a craft fair.

Oh! I finished a few bags but I think I'll save a show and tell until closer to the date :)

Next blog: Since I'm sort of getting into the spirit I'm gonna do a Halloween crafts post soon...maybe a collective of really cool ideas I've found on the net and some of my own. Can't wait!

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